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2 options are available

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1. Identify and register my acquiring profile:

Upon written request or during a telephone interview, our advisors will provide you with their knowledge and experience of the local market in order to complete and refine your specifications.

It will be registered in our portfolio; you will be contacted when a Property corresponds to your search.We will then accompany you in all the steps of the acquisition procedure: visit and read the complete file of the Good, presentation to our financial partners and accompaniment for your estimates, organization and presence at the signature of the authentic act.

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2. Assign a research mandate:

“Du Sur-mesure”, the research mandate governed by the Hoguet Act of 1970 is a remunerated contract by which a buyer mandates and gives all powers to a real estate agent for the search and visit of a real estate property, offices or business premises on his behalf.Our advisors will act on your behalf to solicit individuals, confreres, notaries and will use their vast network to gain access to certain Estates. Our expertise and our search tools lead us to quickly identify the types of Properties corresponding to your expectations. We will make a pre-visit for you before having you moved.

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