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Our 9 key steps to rent your property under the best conditions

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1- Meeting clients and discovering

2- Presenting our facilities the Property (search for tenants and draft of the rental agreement), the actions to be implemented, the documents to be provided and the  fares charged

3- Identifying your Property’s features, estimating the rental’s amount and calculation of the rental charges

4- Presenting a rental provitional mandate

5- Upgrading your Property by taking HDR photographs and videos

6- Marketing your property throughout our renting portfolios, our professional networks and distribution of the property’s advertisement on our partner websites

7- Organizing targeted visits

8- Presentation of the verified appliction files, draft lease and signature

9- Property report on entry to the premises. Rendering of a copy of the complete dossier

You can reach us on +33 1 83 58 58 21 02 or by this form.

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